Information for currently serving police officers interested in a career with the Surrey Police Service. 

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Our employees are hard at work building the Surrey Police Service (SPS), preparing to serve and protect our residents, and helping our communities thrive.  Please check back regularly for new opportunities to join SPS.

Experienced Officers Defined

You may be eligible as an exempt candidate if you are a currently employed member (or have been so employed in the past three years) of a Canadian police department whose training and minimum standards are equivalent to that of a BC municipal department. There is no minimum service level to apply.

Section 2.0 of the BC Provincial Policing Standards states that in order to be considered as an exemption (or experienced police officer) you must have attended police recruit training, including any and all field training required as part of that training, provided by any of the following:

  • RCMP Training Academy (Depot)
  • Ontario Police College
  • Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre (Calgary Police Service)
  • Edmonton Police Service, Basic Recruit Training
  • Lethbridge College
  • Winnipeg Police Service, Police Recruit Training Academy
  • Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
  • Saskatchewan Police College
  • École Nationale de Police du Québec
  • Atlantic Police Academy
  • Canadian Forces Military Police Academy

If you do not meet the criteria of an experienced officer, we encourage you to apply as a new police recruit this summer. The application dates and information for new recruits will be posted on our website, Twitter and Facebook in mid-summer 2021.

Salary, Benefits & Pension

SPS is proud to provide its employees with a salary and benefits package that is competitive with other Canadian municipal police forces.

With the SPS, your years of prior policing service will be recognized when calculating your salary and annual leave entitlements.

Please see the following PDF documents to learn more, including detailed information about pension options for RCMP officers:

Application Process

  • Employment application package [resume, cover letter*, and Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire]
  • Panel interview
  • Background investigation
  • Reference checks
  • Officer review
  • Chief Constable review
  • Job offer or letter of intent

*All cover letters should follow the following format: Limited to two (2) pages, single spaced, 12 point arial font.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit your application package (resume, cover letter*, Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire) once a position is posted that you wish to apply for at

Cover letters and resumes are reviewed by a team and shortlisted candidates will then be invited to a panel interview of at least three police officers (usually one from each Bureau).

From there, a thorough background check is done by an investigator, who will also interview you in person. Reference checks are then conducted (with the permission of the applicant).

Once all of the steps are completed, your full application will be reviewed by a senior officer, and then the Chief Constable. Offers of employment will come from the Chief Constable. Your application and the entire hiring process are confidential.

*All cover letters should follow the following format: Limited to two (2) pages, single spaced, 12 point Arial font.

We will be posting positions by Bureau (Community Policing, Investigative Services, Support Services). There are opportunities within the application process that allow you to identify certain skills sets which may be sought after by each of the Bureaus. Your application as a whole (resume, cover letter and application details) will be assessed as part of the process. 

Yes. Our goal is to confirm the status of your application as soon as possible, however it may take our recruitment team 8-12 weeks to be in touch. We want to ensure we give each application our full attention. We thank you for your patience.

Each applicant who is selected for an interview will be interviewed by a panel of three SPS officers. We use a behaviour-based interview approach so candidates can expect to be asked about their specific experiences. This provides our hiring team with the best insights into your style, approach and skill set. Each interview will be approximately one hour in length.

The background check will include a review of your integrity and lifestyle questionnaire, reference checks and a discussion with your current employer (at the appropriate time and with your knowledge and agreement).

A polygraph is not required for experienced police officers currently employed with a Canadian police agency, but sworn officers are required to pass the background check and be members in good standing with their home agencies.

Currently serving police officers are not required to complete the Police Officer Physical Ability Test (POPAT) as part of the experienced officer application process. The POPAT forms part of new recruit requirements. 

We believe it’s very important to recognize the past service of new SPS members. To honour yours, you will be provided with a service pin. Each pin will have a bar for every ten years of service. The level of benefits, leave, and pay scale that you have reached at your current agency, will also be honoured. Union seniority will be outlined in the Collective Agreement when it is established.

Our recruitment process is completely confidential. Applicant names are not discussed outside of those involved in their hiring process, and no agency or references are contacted without the applicant’s consent.

Please contact us at