April 20, 2021 Board meeting: Chief Lipinski describes “good momentum” on transition activity

All aspects of the transition plan that are currently underway, including the key areas of recruiting, planning, and community engagement, are progressing well.

In his April 20 report to the Police Board, Chief Constable Lipinski noted there are now 24 experienced personnel in place, including three Superintendents and 10 Inspectors. They are working closely with the SPS Deputy Chiefs in charge of the Support Services, Investigations and Community Policing bureaus and are working to develop the department’s infrastructure, policy, and supporting processes.

#SPSFacts: The recruitment unit is currently being stood up in anticipation of the beginning stages of frontline officer recruitment. Virtual information sessions for both experienced police officers and those interested in a policing career with SPS will start in May.

SPS training requirements for new recruits (26 new recruits in 2022) have been provided to the Justice Institute of BC, where all municipal police departments send new recruits for training. The first class for SPS is set for January 2022.

Community Consultation

Given the SPS is working toward “boots on the ground” (experienced SPS officers on duty in Surrey) in the fall of 2021, plans for engaging with key stakeholders, most notably, the citizens of Surrey, will commence in June.

This consultation is designed to get feedback on the type of police service that is important to residents. The insights collected will inform both the SPS strategic plan and service delivery model development, which will begin in earnest in mid summer and into the fall.

#SPSFacts: Citizens and other key stakeholders, including non-profit groups, organizations focused on equality, diversity and inclusion, faith communities, local business and health care, will be invited to help shape the SPS service model by focusing on what is important to the community, especially when contemplating safety and security. Surveys and focus groups all form part of the plan. Consultation will commence in June and run through the summer.