In response to a query on whether recently announced officer wages & benefits will significantly impact SPS budget estimates for the next five years, the answer is no.

During the budget planning process in 2020, the City of Surrey determined that the cost of running SPS on an annual basis is projected to be $206M by the year 2025 as SPS grows into full operations. That figure has been included in the Council-adopted 2021-2025 five-year financial plan.

Beyond 2021, the budget forecasts are estimates outlined in the City’s five-year plan. Anticipated salary increases are built into the budget for each year. The City’s budget for the following year is confirmed by December of the current year and best efforts are made to estimate future year needs and plan accordingly.  

Approximately 80% - 85% of police costs relate to salaries. In confirming the wages and benefits provided to our officers, the SPS used comparators from municipal police agencies across British Columbia. The salaries for SPS are in line with other municipalities in the province. There is little difference between the salaries of sworn members of independent municipal police services in B.C.

#SPSFacts: We do not anticipate any significant change to the originally estimated SPS budget forecasts because those estimates were based on the average municipal police wage rates in B.C. SPS will be using the same wage scale as other municipal independent police agencies.

Also worth noting, is that RCMP salaries are currently lower than the municipal standard; however the RCMP is currently working toward a collective agreement with the union and will be addressing salaries and benefits. The impact on municipal budgets for cities contracting for RCMP services is unknown.