April 1: Chief has never wavered; transition will happen when it’s safe to do so.

As Chief Constable Lipinski has said since he was first hired in November 2020, the transition from a federal policing model to a municipal one will happen "When we get the best people, when we have enough people…”  and not before (Surrey News Leader November 2020).

As the SPS continues to collaborate and work with all three levels of Government and the RCMP through the many complexities of the largest police transition in Canada, it is important to reiterate that public safety is of paramount importance and will not be compromised through the transition of police responsibility.   

#SPSFacts: For total clarity, the transfer of policing responsibility will happen only when the Chief and his team are confident it can be done in a way that ensures the safety of citizens and officers, and the integrity of operations. This is the only point of view the SPS has ever held.  

“If it all works out and comes together, we’re looking to have boots on the ground late this year (2021) and I think right now I can say we are on track but it all has to come together in the next three, four months — both the legal part of it… the practical organizational part of it, recruiting, which will also have a training element to it.”  Chief Lipinski, to Global News, March 30, 2021

An @SurreyPS follower asks what staff are working on right now.

Since the Surrey Police Service is an officially recognized police agency in the Province of British Columbia, and Nationally (as Category one Agency), and since Chief Lipinski arrived in December 2020, SPS has been focused on putting into place the leadership team that would forge the organization toward operational readiness.

The leadership team, together with Chief Lipinski, are building the Organizational infrastructure and collaborating with all levels of government to solidify a deployment model that will ensure a seamless transition of police responsibilities from RCMP to SPS.  

There is also the necessary work being carried out with the development and approval of operational policies and standards required by the Province for all municipal departments in B.C., known as the BC Provincial Policing Standards. Those operational policies and standards are compulsory before SPS can operationalize. Meeting these standards is something the team has extensive experience in as seasoned police leaders.

#SPSFacts: The SPS team is focused on building the official transition plan, deployment plan and operational policies and standards to be approved by the Provincial Government. These BC Provincial Policing Standards are applied to all municipal police departments in British Columbia.

An @SurreyPS follower asks about our hiring approach, specifically residency and anticipated wages for through the ranks of Constables to S/Sgts

“I’m looking for people that really, in a way, have a service heart.” Chief Lipinski, November 28, 2020, Surrey News Leader

As Chief Lipinski also told Harjinder Thind of RedFM on March 29, 2021, the SPS is focused on hiring the “best of the best” and encouraging applicants from all cultures “from any police department in Canada.” We are looking to hire experienced officers as well as new recruits.

#SPSFacts: Terms and Conditions have been established for the rank and file. The salaries for SPS officers are competitive and comparable to other municipal agencies. Hiring will commence this Spring and continue through the Summer and Fall. SPS is looking to continue to bring the best of policing to serve the citizens of Surrey.

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