In the first edition of #SPSFacts Volume 7, published April 29, 2021, information flowing from discussions of the Surrey Police Transition Trilateral Committee (established in September 2020 by the City of Surrey, the Province of British Columbia, and Public Safety Canada (PSC) was prematurely released, and we apologize for that.

As a result, this edition has been updated to include the original budget content only.

2021 Transition Budget Update

Details on the transition budget can be found on the Surrey Police Board web site as the Board has committed to monthly public reporting of expenditures.

At the April 20, 2021 meeting, the Board heard that as of the end of February, expenditures in all areas remain underspent compared to the available budget ($29.5M). This is mostly due to timing as information technology, infrastructure, recruitment, assessment and training ramp up.  By the end of 2021, SPS expects to carry forward $14.2M to 2022 and future years. Expenditures to date supporting the policing transition project have been managed in accordance with the City of Surrey-adopted five-year financial plans.  

#SPSFacts:  The Surrey Police Board receives monthly updates on all SPS transition expenditures and these reports are available to the public. As of the end of February, expenditures in all areas remain underspent compared to the available budget; mostly due to timing. Expenditures to date have been managed in accordance with the City of Surrey’s five-year Financial Plans.

All the details for spending in the areas of legal, strategy and policy, financial services, communications, recruitment, information technology (operating and capital), fleet, armoury and outfitting and any retrofit costs needed for City-owned/leased facilities currently occupied by the RCMP, can be found here: Surrey Police Board

2022 Budget Preparation to begin

When the Police Board became an independent entity established by the Province of BC in July 2020, it acquired specific responsibilities and obligations under the Police Act, including for budgeting and financial management.

Section 15 of the Police Act requires the municipality to fund policing and law enforcement in the City, which includes providing funds for sufficient number of personnel and adequate accommodations, equipment and supplies. The Act requires this to be done on or before November 30.

#SPSFacts:  The Police Board must submit a provisional operating budget for 2022 to City Council by November 30. Preparation of the 2022 operating budget is a complex endeavour as the operations budget must be aligned with the Surrey Police deployment model, which is currently in development with the Surrey Police Transition Trilateral Committee.