Applying to a police agency can be a little bit different than applying to another organization. The process could involve several steps to ensure you are the right fit for the position

Step 1: Online Application

You will first need to complete the online application and upload your resume and cover letter. Cover letters should be limited to two pages, single spaced, and use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman font. Once the completed application is received, it will be reviewed to ensure you have met the minimum qualifications for the position.      


Step 2: Pre-Screening and Testing 

Shortlisted candidates can expect to be pre-screened. This can occur by email or over the phone and includes an overview of our recruitment process including particular aspects we want you to know prior to moving forward. We may also invite you to participate in employment testing. This may include computer-based testing, in-person or virtual testing, or a combination.


Step 3: Interview

You will then be invited to participate in a panel interview. There may be more than one interview, depending on the role. The interview can be technical/functional as well as competency based; it may follow a structured or unstructured approach, behavioral, situational, open-ended, and/or scenario-based questions. A combination of all styles may be used.


Step 4: Conditional Job Offer

If you are the successful candidate, you can expect to receive a conditional offer of employment, subject to conditions such as proof of eligibility to work in Canada, successful employment references, and completion of the background security check.

Step 5: Security Clearance

In policing, security clearance is a standard part of the employment application process. Every employee, regardless of position, will go through some level of security screening prior to commencing employment with SPS. The steps outlined below are required for new employees who don’t currently hold an acceptable security clearance from another policing agency (RCMP or municipal).

The Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (ILQ): After successful completion of the exam, our Recruiting Unit will send you an Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (ILQ) to complete. The questionnaire assesses your honesty, lifestyle and integrity to ensure you are suitable for employment with SPS.

Background Check: A thorough investigation into your background will be done by one of our officers. This investigation will include police database queries, and may also include interviews with your family, long-time friends, present, and past employers and colleagues, neighbours and landlords.

Security Interview: Once the ILQ and Background Check are complete and you are approved to move to the next step, a security interview will be conducted with two members of our Departmental Security team. The questions are based on the ILQ and Background Check but may be more in-depth.

Polygraph: If you do not already hold a verifiable RCMP or other municipal security clearance, you must also go through the polygraph examination in addition to the security steps noted above. 


Step 6: Reference Checks

Reference checks are an important component of the recruitment process. While referencing is conducted as part of the security screening process, you will also be required to provide at least three employment references that Human Resources will contact. References should be your current or most recent manager/supervisor, a previous supervisor, and a peer or client who would have interacted with you regularly and can attest to your quality of work and employment characteristics.


Step 7: Employment Confirmed

Provided all the previous steps have been successfully achieved, a candidate will expect to receive a final letter removing conditions and confirming the offer of employment along with a start date.


Caitlin Young, HR advisor pictured at desk

"I love that there is inclusivity across the entire team, whether you're a sworn officer or civilian employee, everyone plays such an important role at SPS. "

Meet Caitlin Young, an HR Advisor that is currently supporting SPS’s workforce management software project. She’ll be working closely with our IT team and software vendors, on configuring our workforce management platform, ensuring it is set up to support scheduling, time reporting, pay and several other functions.