SPS has three policing bureaus: Community Policing, Support Services and Investigative Services, in addition to the Office of the Chief Constable. Together with the support of the Lower Mainland Integrated Teams, these bureaus will support our people, policing operations, prevention and intervention strategies, and investigative efforts.

Community Policing Bureau

SPS has a foundational philosophy of community engagement, consultation, and partnerships to collaboratively address public safety issues and complex social concerns in each town centre. Our Community Policing Bureau is comprised of uniformed police officers and civilian employees who are dedicated to working with the residents, businesses, and community partners.

In addition to frontline patrol officers, Community Policing will include teams of police officers and civilian staff dedicated to crisis prevention and intervention, diversity and Indigenous relations, community support, emergency planning, road safety, calls for service, and prisoner management.

Support Services Bureau

At the heart of every organization are its people. Our Support Services Bureau is focused on ensuring that SPS is comprised of skilled and experienced sworn and civilian staff who are dedicated to making Surrey the safest place possible. The health and wellness of SPS personnel are integral to delivering quality police services.

Responsible for recruitment, leadership, training, and professional conduct, the Support Services Bureau ensures that the right people are in the right roles, with the right tools and the right guidance. The Bureau also has teams who support operations in administration, file management, court services, facilities, front counter services, and technology.

Investigative Services Bureau

Crimes that involve violence, vulnerable individuals, multiple victims, or prolific offenders require enhanced investigative resources, skills and techniques.

The Investigative Services Bureau encompasses three main sections: Major Crimes, Special Investigations, and Proactive Enforcement. These sections will be composed of multiple plainclothes units and specialty teams engaged in conventional and covert investigations into a variety of serious crimes against persons, power-based crimes, gang activity, financial crimes, property crimes, weapons and drug trafficking.

Office of the Chief Constable 

The Office of the Chief Constable supports the Chief in carrying out his responsibilities in the administration of Surrey Police Service. The teams provide leadership, support and advice to the Chief Constable on a variety of matters, as well as legal, financial, planning, and communication services. The Office of the Chief Constable supports the strategic planning process and assists the organization in meeting its goals and objectives.

Lower Mainland Integrated Teams

SPS will participate in the Lower Mainland Integrated Teams, which provide specialized police services to many police agencies and RCMP detachments in the region. These teams provide an efficient service delivery model and coordinated response across the Lower Mainland for files and investigations that require a high degree of specialization.

  • Emergency Response Team (ERT)
  • Integrated Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Service (ICARS)
  • Integrated Forensic Identification Service (IFIS)
  • Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT)
  • Integrated Police Dog Services (IPDS)

Organizational chart

SPS Organizational Chart