Surrey Police Service is committed to providing progressive training and education. Learn how SPS is training its officers to keep Surrey safe.



Surrey Police Service (SPS) has developed a comprehensive training program that puts an emphasis on community and officer safety.

Training and on-going learning is an essential component of policing. Recruits undergo a comprehensive training process that includes two weeks of onboarding, training 23 weeks at the Justice Institute of BC, and 22 weeks of field training. Experienced Officers that are hired by SPS go though a mandatory six-week Onboarding Training Program that provides provincially mandated training, key information about Surrey’s diverse communities, operational tactics and skills, and a variety of other training topics that will enhance officer service in the City of Surrey.

Both Recruits and Experienced Officers complete Integrating Communications, Assessment and Tactics (ICAT) scenarios. ICAT provides officers with the tools, skills, and options they need to successfully communicate and safely de-escalate a variety of critical incidents.

As part of our commitment to training, SPS also allocates times throughout the year for officers to develop and enhance leadership competencies, advanced and specialized career skills, and operational skills training.

Community safety 

Keeping our officers safe is one of our main priorities. All officers receive comprehensive training in Operational Medicine with a certified police medic, and every officer is given an individual first aid pack. We also train our officers in Gracie Survival Tactics (GST), a Brazilian jiu-jitsu defensive training technique, and provide supervised and instructional practice sessions up to four times per week.

Learn more about the specialized training available to our officers. 

SPS Training Centre 

Located in Surrey, SPS’s Training Centre utilizes state-of-the art mobile training structures that provide several different room and building layouts, giving our officers an opportunity to train in a variety of scenario-based situations. SPS also provides reality-based training with professional actors in a variety of critical incident scenarios from mental health and crisis intervention to room clearing during active assailant scenarios. SPS is the first BC police agency to have its own full deployment mobile structure for training.

Constable Karn Dhesi

Constable Karn Dhesi, Badge 118

The GST tactics taught by a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt instructor and SPS member has made me more comfortable in de-escalating physical confrontation while using minimum level of force due to the leverage techniques that were taught to us

Information sessions

To learn more about the vision for SPS, the application and hiring process, training, compensation and more, please watch one of our recorded Information Sessions for experienced officers or recruits.