Your career with SPS starts here!

New recruits will attend three blocks of training at the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) Police Academy located in New Westminster, BC. Recruits attend the Police Academy during the week, and in some cases, on weekends. There are no living accommodations at the JIBC. 

Recruit Constables receive a base salary and benefits while undergoing recruit training at the JIBC, but recruits are responsible for paying their own program tuition (approximately $11,600). 

Block 1: Recruits attend the Police Academy at the JIBC for the first 14 weeks of Basic Recruit Training with a heavy emphasis on police skills, legal studies, and physical fitness. 

Block 2: Recruits come to SPS for 20-22 weeks of on-the-job training, paired with Field Trainers. 

Block 3: Recruits return to the JIBC for nine (9) further weeks of Advanced Recruit Training. Knowledge gained during Blocks 1 and 2 is built upon to allow you to work independently following graduation from the program. Following the successful completion of Block 3, the new recruit will graduate as a "Certified Municipal Constable". 

Block 4: One year after graduation, recruits complete Block 4 and receive the title of "Qualified Municipal Constable". 

SPS encourages ongoing professional development, including regular training at our in-house training centre. Additional courses and training with the JIBC partner agencies, and post secondary institutions will also be made available to SPS members throughout their careers. 


The answer to your question may be on our FAQ page, of in one of our recorded information sessions. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please contact one of our SPS recruiters.