Surrey is entering an exciting phase in its growth, and like other large cities in Canada it will have its own local police service, accountable to a locally appointed Police Board.


An independent municipal police service will:

  • Continue to enhance community safety through community-responsive approaches to policing
  • Emphasize collaboration with community partners to address underlying social issues
  • Improve accountability through a Police Board made up of local residents
  • Allocate resources based on local priorities and issues
  • Respond quickly to address new and emerging issues (e.g., opioid crisis)
  • Ensure policing and City priorities are aligned
  • Attract and retain sworn officers who can build their career in Surrey
  • Include members from diverse backgrounds that reflect our community

As Surrey continues to evolve and grow, our local police service will be able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our citizens.

Surrey Police Board

The Surrey Police Board is an independent body providing civilian oversight to the Surrey Police. Learn more about the board on their new website.