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Chief Constable Appointed

On November 20, 2020 the Surrey Police Board announced the appointment of Norm Lipinski as the Chief Constable of the Surrey Police Service. Chief Lipinski brings over 42 years of experience serving within large, urban Canadian municipalities to this role.

Prior to joining the Surrey Police Service, Chief Lipinski served as Deputy Chief for both the neighbouring Delta Police Service and the Edmonton Police Service, as well as served as Assistant Commissioner for the RCMP.

Learn more about Surrey Police’s first Chief Constable.

Building the Surrey Police Service

Surrey Police will be a modern, urban and community responsive police service designed from day one to address the needs of Surrey. 

As a local police service, it is governed by a civilian Police Board appointed by the Province of BC and will be led by a Chief Constable appointed by the Board.

Recent events have highlighted the importance of local accountability and civilian oversight in policing. With authorities defined under the BC Police Act [RSBC 1996], the Chief and the Board provide policing services to the community. 

The journey to establish an independent local police service began in 2018 and culminated in the motion of the Surrey Police Board at its inaugural meeting on August 6, 2020 to create the Surrey Police Service. Work now begins in earnest to put in place the necessary people and infrastructure to begin operation of the new local police service.

Review the timeline for establishing the Surrey Police Service

  • Completed
  • Started
  • Pending
STEP ONE: Council Motion - Completed November 5, 2018

STEP TWO: State of the City - Completed May 7, 2019

STEP THREE: Citizen Engagement Launches - Completed May–June 2019

STEP FOUR: Submit Transition Plan - Completed May 22, 2019

STEP FIVE: Report on Citizen Input to Council - Completed July 22, 2019

STEP SIX: Interim Police Transition Advisory Committee Established - Completed July 22, 2019

STEP SEVEN: Approval of Transition Plan - Completed August 22, 2019

STEP EIGHT: Establishment of Joint Committee - Completed August 22, 2019

STEP NINE: Joint Committee Submits Report - Completed December 23, 2019

STEP TEN: Appointment of a Police Board - Completed June 29, 2020

STEP ELEVEN: Surrey Police Service Established – Completed August 6, 2020

STEP TWELVE: Recruit Chief Constable - Completed November 20, 2020


Surrey Police Service Infrastructure and Recruitment

  • Officer Recruitment and training begins
  • Surrey Police Service infrastructure, staff, and resources in place 

Municipal Agreement Terminates

Municipal Police Unit Agreement with the Province to provide contract policing will terminate when Surrey Police Service assumes full jurisdiction to deliver policing services in Surrey

Surrey Today

Surrey has an unique opportunity to build a new community responsive policing model that addresses the specific issues in our community and will be designed from day one to reflect the community it serves. The infographic below shows some key characteristics of this young, diverse, and vibrant city.

    Infographic of Surrey's population and other characteristics.