Find out how you can join the Surrey Police Service and be part of our mission to provide excellence, innovation, and quality leadership in public safety to the people of Surrey.

As the Chief Constable of what will be one of the largest Independent Police Services in the Province of British Columbia, I am committed to bringing the best of policing to serve the citizens of Surrey. Together let’s build a new locally-responsive, community-centered police service that will provide the highest level of safety and service to the citizens of one of the fastest growing and most diverse cities in Canada.” – Chief Constable Norm Lipinski 

Chief Norm Lipinski

How we are Building the SPS Team

Hiring the right staff is a crucial next step in building a new policing service for Surrey. We are taking a strategic and phased approach to hiring the right people for key positions and programs and we continue to develop timely communication to inform interested applicants. New opportunities are posted on an ongoing basis so be sure to check back regularly.

Current Opportunities

We are currently hiring Experienced Officers for various ranks and roles. Detailed information on salary, benefits, and pension is also now available.

We are currently hiring various Civilian Positions as well.

Coming Soon

New Recruits - We are in the planning phase of hiring new police recruits for SPS. More details on recruit information sessions, application requirements and process will be posted soon. Check back regularly and be a part of the new Surrey Police Service!

View Current Opportunities

Explore the opportunities currently available with the Surrey Police Service and consider joining us in making this great city even greater.

Why Surrey Police Service?

Build • Serve • Protect

Be among the first to join the Surrey Police Service where there is pride in service, opportunity to make a difference & redefine community safety, multiplicity within its jurisdiction (urban, rural & industrial), competitive compensation and a culture that supports health and wellness, diversity and inclusion. We value the health, safety and wellness of our employees and their families.

Diversity Statement

Diversity is critical to our success; a diverse organization will reflect the community we serve and is the foundation of a modern, innovative police service. As we recruit and hire the most qualified police officers with a broad range of skills, knowledge, and abilities, we will do so with a lens of diversity. We view diversity in terms of gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, education, background, culture and the unique life experiences every police officer and civilian brings to the job.

We recognize and embrace the considerable benefits that can come from diversity: improved organizational decision making, fewer blind spots, broader perspectives and ideas, a different approach to issues, and most importantly, a culture of respect, inclusion, and acceptance.

The information that is gathered in this security clearance process is stored and protected under the terms of s. 30 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which requires a public body to protect personal information in its custody or under its control by making reasonable security arrangements against such risks as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or disposal. Your information will be stored securely within the Surrey Police Service Recruiting Section, and access to records entered onto recruiting databases will be restricted to those involved in the recruiting process. Your information will not be disclosed except under the terms of s. 33 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.