Surrey Police Service is gaining momentum and is pleased to announce the appointments of its third Deputy Chief Constable and three Superintendents. This significant milestone is key in advancing the Surrey Police Service toward operationalizing.

February 23, 2021
SPS Media Release

Todd Matsumoto, currently an Inspector with the New Westminster Police Service will now be the Deputy Chief Constable in charge of the Investigative Services Bureau of the Surrey Police Service (SPS). He brings exemplary service, expertise and leadership in operational policing. Deputy Chief Matsumoto will oversee investigators and employ best practices in Major Case Management, liaise and partner with outside police agencies to ensure all available investigative resources are accessible to the Surrey Police Service. Additionally, he will work closely with the Community Services Bureau to develop innovative strategies to reduce crime and its impact on our citizens.

Filling key positions in the Senior Leadership Team are;

Lav Mangat: Superintendent Mangat currently serves as the Inspector and officer in charge of the Financial Integrity Program with the Federal Serious and Organized Crime (FSOC) RCMP. He will be working in the Support Services Bureau with Deputy Chief Hyland.

Allison Good: Superintendent Good comes to SPS from Ridge Meadows RCMP where she holds the rank of Inspector and is the officer in charge of Operations. She will be working in the Community Policing Bureau with Deputy Chief LeSage.

Michael Procyk: Superintendent Procyk comes to SPS from Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit ( CFSEU) where he is serving as the Senior Investigations Officer, at the Inspector rank (RCMP). He will be working with Deputy Chief Matsumoto in the Investigations Bureau.
Each of these officers bring extensive experience, diversity in background and outstanding service to the community in their respective roles and agencies. These officers are anticipated to start with SPS in mid March 2021.

Surrey Police Service’s focus of its recruiting strategy is to bring the best of policing to serve the citizens of Surrey irrespective of the patch or stripe of the uniform they currently wear. Chief Lipinski, in conjunction with the Surrey Police Board, has successfully sought and hired individuals that have breadth and depth of experience, diversity in culture and expertise and exemplary skill sets in leadership, investigations and community policing.

I am pleased to have reached this significant milestone in the establishment of the Surrey Police Service with the appointment of three Deputy Chiefs and three Superintendents. The culmination of this team makes a dynamic and diverse Leadership Team who will set the tone, pace and culture of the organization.
With the senior leadership of organization now set we will continue to focus on the important task of building the Surrey Police Service. We will move as swiftly as possible through this development phase in order to ensure that the residents of Surrey will soon have a local police service that reflects the diversity and values of our city and serves and protects its citizens through exemplary policing practices. 
- Chief Lipinski.

Profiles of each officer are available in the attached backgrounder

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