You may be eligible to apply with the Surrey Police Service as an exempt candidate if you are a currently employed member (or have been so employed in the past three years) of a Canadian police department whose training and minimum standards are equivalent to that of a BC municipal department. There is no minimum service level to apply.

Section 2.0 of the BC Provincial Policing Standards states that in order to be considered as an exemption (or experienced police officer) you must have attended police recruit training, including any and all field training required as part of that training, provided by any of the following:

  • Justice Institute of BC 
  • RCMP Training Academy (Depot)
  • Ontario Police College
  • Chief Crowfoot Learning Centre (Calgary Police Service)
  • Edmonton Police Service, Basic Recruit Training
  • Lethbridge College
  • Winnipeg Police Service, Police Recruit Training Academy
  • Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
  • Saskatchewan Police College
  • École Nationale de Police du Québec
  • Atlantic Police Academy
  • Canadian Forces Military Police Academy

If you do not meet the criteria of an experienced officer, we encourage you to apply as a new police recruit.

Step 1: Online application and Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire

Complete the online application and upload your resume, cover letter, and a copy of your government picture ID. Cover letters should be limited to two (2) pages, single spaced, and use 12-point Arial font. The Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (ILQ) is included alongside your online application and must be completed accurately and truthfully. The ILQ assesses your honesty, lifestyle and integrity to ensure you are suitable for employment with SPS. Once your completed application is received, it will be reviewed to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and the minimum requirements for an experienced officer. 

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Step 2: Behavioural interview

A behaviour-based interview will be conducted by a panel of three senior SPS officers. The panel will ask competency-based, behavioral questions, requesting specific examples of your past experiences. The interview will be approximately 60 minutes and will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate how you display the essential competencies of a police officer through your experiences.


Step 3: Background investigation 

A thorough investigation into your background will be done by an experienced investigator to determine your employment suitability. It may include a check of your qualifications, training records, discipline records, resume and/or interview information. The investigation will verify information provided by you, as well as any additional information you provided during the application process.


Step 4: Reference checks 

You will be required to submit six (6) references including, if possible, a supervisor, a subordinate, and a peer. This stage may also include interviews of your past employers, friends, relatives, landlords and/or neighbours.


Step 5: Officer Review

The Recruiting Officer will present your entire application package to an Inspector and Deputy Chief Constable for their review. Recommendations for hire are dependent on many factors including your competitiveness against others in the pool.          


Step 6: Chief Constable Review

The Chief Constable reviews your application package and makes the final hiring decision.  


Step 7: Job Offer

If you are selected, you will receive a job offer or letter of intent from the Chief Constable, based on consultation with you and the timing required for the position to be filled.


 The answer to your question may be on our FAQ page or in one of our recorded information sessions. For more information or to speak with a recruiter email at careers@surreypolice.ca or call us at 604-591-4084.