The application process for new Surrey Police Service (SPS) recruits will take approximately 3-4 months from the time of application until a hiring decision is made.

Step 1: Information Sessions 

Information Sessions are held to provide you with details on the recruitment process, minimum standards and expectations for all SPS recruits. It is highly recommended that you participate or view the most recent information session in order to progress to the application stage


Step 2: Application 

Complete the online application and upload your resume, cover letter and supporting documents.  The cover letter should be limited to two (2) pages, single spaced, and use 12 point Arial font. Once your completed application is received, it will be reviewed to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications. In addition to the online application, resume, and cover letter complete and upload the Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (ILQ). The questionnaire assesses your honesty, lifestyle and integrity to ensure you are suitable for employment with SPS. You will also be required to submit supporting documentation for your application.

Supporting documentation required:

***The upload of these documents are mandatory/non-negotiable, as they are required to complete the application process***

Vision Report Audiometric Report

Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire (ILQ)     


Step 3: Written Exam 

You will be scheduled to write an in-person Intake Exam. This three-hour exam assesses the practical skills that police officers use on a regular basis while performing their duties. Scores that are deemed competitive will move on to the next step. If you do not pass, you must wait six months to request a second opportunity to write the exam.

The Intake Exam assesses four areas:

Sample Written Exam 


Step 4: Peace Officers Physical Abilities Test (POPAT)

The Peace Officers Physical Abilities Testing (POPAT) is designed to simulate a critical incident where a police officer chases, controls and apprehends a suspect. The POPAT has many components, including obstacles, jumps, cones, an agility bar, an eighty-pound push-pull exercise, and a one-hundred-pound bag carry. The POPAT must be completed in less than four (4) minutes and 15 seconds (4:15). If you fail the POPAT, you may attempt a second physical fitness test when you feel ready. A second failure of the POPAT will result in a six-month deferral. Physical testing results are valid for six months. 


Step 5: Suitability Interview 

You will be interviewed by three SPS recruiting officers. The interview will be conducted in two parts. Part one will explore your motivations to be a police officer and examine your Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire. In part two, the panel will learn about your work and life experiences which will assist the recruiters in determining your suitability for a career with SPS.


Step 6: Background Investigation

At the onset of the background investigation, you will be asked to provide a list of 30 references. A thorough investigation into your background will be conducted by our Recruiting Officers. This investigation will include police database queries, and interviews with your family, long-time friends, present and past employers and colleagues, neighbours and landlords. The recruiting officers will contact the individuals you have identified in your application package and may speak with others not listed.

Once you have successfully completed steps 1-5 you will be required to attend the Police Agency in your home city to complete and submit a Police Information Check – Vulnerable Sector.

Police Information Check

Police Information Check - Secondary Waiver

Step 7: Psychological Testing

You will complete numerous psychological tests and meet one-on-one with a clinical psychologist. Psychological testing is intended to assess your suitability as a police officer. These tests assess your personality, emotional intelligence and resilience. They take several hours to complete and are not something you can study for.


Step 8: Polygraph Examination

The purpose of the polygraph is to ensure you have been honest and forthright in your disclosures and that there are no additional integrity issues. A specially trained polygraphist will conduct this examination.


Step 9: Medical Examination

You will be required to complete a medical examination by a physician contracted by SPS. The medical testing includes but is not limited to, cardiovascular FIT testing (stress test), strength (grip) testing, visual acuity, hearing testing, flexibility, blood work, drug test, and an overall review of your personal health. A medical report is forwarded to our Recruiting Unit for review.


Step 10: Executive Panel Interview

A 30-minute interview will be conducted by a panel of three Executive SPS Officers (Chief, Deputy Chief, Superintendent). The panel will ask you for a short introduction of yourself, followed by competency-based, behavioural questions, requesting specific examples of your past experiences. 


Step 11: Final Review and Hiring Decision

The Recruiting Officer will present your entire application package to a panel of senior officers to determine your suitability for hire at SPS. Offers of employment are dependent on many factors including your competitiveness against others in the pool. All offers of employment receive approval by the Chief Constable.


Step 12: Job Offer

If you are selected, you will receive a job offer or letter of intent from the Chief Constable.



The answer to your question may be on our FAQ page, or in one of our recorded information sessions. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please contact one of our SPS recruiters.