The transition of policing services from the RCMP to SPS will be a phased, integrated process involving staggered deployments of SPS officers.

Officers wearing an SPS uniform and an RCMP uniform

In August 2021, the Surrey Policing Transition Trilateral Committee (SPTTC) approved an initial deployment of the first group of 50 Surrey Police Service (SPS) officers by November 30, 2021 (see news release). The deployment of this first group of officers into the Surrey RCMP will be staggered to allow for a seamless and safe integration.

As the policing transition begins, an RCMP officer or SPS officer - or both - may show up when you call for police service in Surrey. However, during the initial phases of the policing transition, Surrey RCMP will continue to be the police force of jurisdiction, overseeing all operational policing matters.

While the public will see officers in both RCMP and SPS uniforms, all contact information and police station locations remain the same. Surrey residents will continue to report crime and suspicious activity to the Surrey RCMP non-emergency number at 604-599-0502 (911 for emergencies).

This first group of SPS officers will be followed by subsequent deployments as the phased transition gathers momentum throughout 2022 and 2023. Information will be shared as additional details of the phased transition are confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions

While people will begin see SPS officers in the community, Surrey RCMP continues to be in charge of policing at this time.

All contact information and locations of police stations remain the same. The non-emergency number for Surrey has not changed: 604-599-0502 (911 for emergencies).

When the public calls for police service in Surrey, they may see an officer from the Surrey RCMP or the Surrey Police Service (or both) show up to assist them. Surrey RCMP will dispatch the officer that is closest/available to their location.

As part of the transition and orientation to Surrey Detachment, SPS officers will be paired with a Surrey RCMP officer for a couple of shifts. SPS officers are fully experienced, however some have not worked in Surrey and subsequently would not be familiar with Surrey RCMP processes. This pairing provides the opportunity for this occur. Following that orientation, SPS officers will be attending calls on their own, the same as RCMP officers.

The majority of the deployed SPS officers are being deployed to the Frontline and will be responding to calls for service. A smaller number of SPS officers have been assigned to the General Investigation Unit.

For now, SPS officers working alongside the Surrey RCMP will use RCMP-branded police cars. It’s one way we’re working together to ensure public safety during the transition’s first phase. Part of the phased transition is gradually familiarizing Surrey residents with the look of SPS – we are starting with uniforms for now – vehicles will be added in the future – the exact timeline has not yet been determined by the three levels of government.

During this phase of Surrey's policing transition, you may be assisted by a Surrey RCMP or SPS officer. No matter who attended your call, please call Surrey RCMP, or the number on the business card provided to you, if you need to follow up on your file. 

For follow-ups, the Surrey RCMP non-emergency number remains the same. 604-599-0502. 

If you wish to make a complaint about the service you received, who you contact will depend on which agency served you. Learn more about the complaints process here. 

The transition partners are negotiating the process by which SPS will assume command of policing in Surrey in later phases of the transition. The time frame for this stage of the transition will be announced when it is confirmed.